Energy Efficient Homes

At College View you’ll find no effort has been spared to deliver Energy Efficient savings and convenience, across Heating, Hot Water, Windows, Doors and more.

A-Rated Energy Efficient Heating & Hot Water

New and proven heating solutions, advances in Upvc insulations, energy efficiencies and contemporary taste all work together to give you the very best solutions. In terms of comfort, value and peace of mind, you’re getting design excellence at an affordable price.

Cozy Touch App

COZYTOUCH is a Smartphone app for remotely controlling your College View air to water heating system.  

This application will allow you to:

Manage your heating solution, wherever and whenever you want: Plan by activating your heating before your return home. Need more hot water when your children come in from sports?

Manage the air quality of your home? COZYTOUCH allows you to do all this and other options that will put you in control of your heat settings.

COZYTOUCH is a complete application which lets you simply see your energy consumption.

Adapt your heating to your needs. COZYTOUCH lets you adjust your temperature room by room. With COZYTOUCH, the comfort of your home suits your needs.

COZYTOUCH allows you to program your heating and periods where you want to achieve energy savings.

Simple and intuitive, COZYTOUCH is the perfect companion for your air to water heating system, (internet access required).

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